Writing is a passion of mine and choosing to blog was one of easiest choices I’ve ever made. But what happens when a passion project clashes with the behind-the-scene challenges and the in-between? The answer can be anything from quitting, taking a break to moving forward slowly. In the end, slow progress is still progress, right?

I have learned a lot about blogging in the last two and one thing I’ve picked up is that it isn’t easy, but it gets better with time. 

Blogging can be started out as a hobby which is what I did at first or business from the get go. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with either one but I would advise treating it as a business which is what I’ll be doing with this new blog.

One of the things that makes life worth living is coming out of challenges better than you were before they happened to you. I’ve been challenged and pulled in different directions on this path but I’m way better. I don’t think I would be here if the things that happened didn’t. I’d like to share five things I’ve learned about blogging in two years! Here I go:

Consistency is key!

This may sound a little obvious but it was one of the things for me to do as I had my mind on quite too many different things at the same time. I eventually had to quit blogging to focus on my other business but here I am, back again because I didn’t want to regret the chance I didn’t take. Also, I don’t quit – I get better. I told myself I’ll share content 2-4 times a month and that’s it to keep the consistency going.

Community is important.

Community in whatever space you’re participating in helps you learn, grow and thrive. I’m thankful for the blogging community, it has the support I need to keep going. Whenever I felt unmotivated I would rely on other bloggers who keep going no matter what and hope they’re not burning out in the process.

Your niche matters to you.

When I first started out I was mainly a lifestyle blogger, these types of blogs talk mostly you – your interests, activities, finances, hobbies, relationships and your life in general. It was hard for me to come out with posts that spoke less and less about me because I’m an introvert and I like keeping personal things to myself. I can talk about my athletic abilities, my hobbies and maybe share some of my ideas for fun but that’s about it. A lifestyle blog didn’t work for me. On my new blog, I focus more on my work as a freelance content writer, blogging tips and lifestyle. Lifestyle category is for food content, I won’t be getting too personal but I’ll be writing about my journey as a pescatarian.

Keep it at quality.

Your worth goes beyond the views and comments you get. The quality of your work speaks volumes.

Take a break – don’t ‘earn’ it.

Burnout is real, and so is writers block and feeling lost sometimes. Take time to check in with yourself. The content you share today may not be something you want to put out in a few years and that’s okay. Who can define how growth works? It just happens and when it does you have to let it and adjust accordingly.

That’s it guys! I appreciate you taking the time to read through my first post. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned in blogging and how did you adjust your mindset and approach to keep going?

10 thoughts on “Five Things I’ve Learned About Blogging In Two Years – Reality Check

  1. Definitely relate to a lot of this! I took a bit of a break from blogging this last year but I’m back and loving it again and excited to see what this year holds!

  2. Love this, super aware of what has and hasn’t worked for you. And that’s the best part of blogging: it’s our project so we can change things up with it whenever we feel like it 🤩 Also, I 100% agree about the importance of community, it’s such an amazing thing to get for doing something that we already love so much! x

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

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