I joined the world of blogging for the first time around two years ago and I do not regret it. I’m aware that blogging has been around for decades and have for a while admired from a distance before I started my own.

The digital world is moving pretty fast and one can’t help but wonder if bloggers will be able to catch up. A lot of people have moved from reading to watching, this is evident in social platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram Reels/Vlogs and YouTube. It’s almost as if we now only have a short attention span and only interested in video content which is pretty sad.

Instagram lately:

Recently, creators are making short reels or ‘loops’ with very long captions. This way, while you read the caption you also watch the reel over 6 times, increasing their view count. It’s evident in how high the view count gets that the method works which tells me one thing – because people read the captions. These creators also have certain call-to-action (CTA) methods that they use which you will find almost everyone having commented the same thing which again proves that the people do read long captions.

What does this mean for authors?

If everyone is making a movie of a book for those who like to watch instead of read, should authors simply quit? The answer is a simple ‘no’. The fact that we have bookstagram accounts and bloggers who review books proves that there are the people who still read books. I read books too!

What does this mean for bloggers?

I have googled many recipes and found food bloggers who helped me, searched for some self-care routines and read really helpful articles on the topic and I’ve admired so many bloggers for their styles of writing. There are blogs that get over a hundred thousand monthly views, and everyone knows that numbers don’t lie.

It’s easy to feel tempted to doing what others are doing – creating video content. This would eventually suck for you if it’s not your thing.

To answer the most important question raised, bloggers should continue blogging! There’s an audience for bloggers. Bloggers just need better ways to market themselves beyond the blogging community, video community is just a little louder and on every platform. It’s easy to convince you that it is all that matters.

Do you think blogging in dead?

22 thoughts on “Is Blogging Dead? My Honest Thoughts On The Topic

  1. I agree with you. Bloggers should continue blogging and writing even though it’s not the main trend now. People still need to read after all. And writing is an art. Huhuhu…

  2. I agree with you, there is an audience for bloggers as some love reading rather than watching videos. I pick up better tips and advice from reading someone’s blog rather than from photos and sometimes even video content! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. I agree, there’s so much helpful information in written content. I feel people who write don’t worry about how long it would take to go through, they just care about providing quality and I like that.

  3. One of my favourite things about blogging is reading other people’s blogs! I have a much longer attention span to reading a blog post than a video 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this topic. I honestly thought that blogging was kind of dead over the last three years or so but it’s good to find some hope in your words. And I’m amazed people do read long captions, I was sincerely avoiding them!

  5. This is an important topic. Lately I’m getting more engagement on TikTok with video content. But I don’t want to give up my blogs.

    There was a time when I only read blogs and produced written content. & There are many others who prefer writing over videos!

  6. I have only got into blogging properly in the last couple of years, but I have really enjoyed and valued the experience. It has given me a chance to write about a whole range of things, music, books, films, TV series and Christmas. My view count is increasing year by year and even though I live for the dopamine hit of views, I really enjoy it for its own sake. I will definitely continue with my blog.

  7. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and don’t see myself stopping. There’s definitely an audience out there that still prefers blogs over IG and YouTube content (myself included). I’ve tried switching to IG and even creating a few YT videos but realized it’s really not my jam at all but I do appreciate that these alternatives are just visual blogging and another way for creators to get creative and share their interests.

    1. I totally agree, to each their own. I think bloggers can get easily distracted and demotivated seeing more video content trending at the moment, but blogging is still great! When I need advise I go to google and search for written content, that says a lot. Let’s keep going.

  8. Well, blogging is always will be part of the race. As many as YouTube videos, there will be blogs. Many new bloggers are joining the community. Interesting post!

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