There are over 600 million blogs on the internet today. While some bloggers quit, other people are just starting out!

Blogging for me is a form of self-expression, information sharing, documenting one’s life, including interests, hobbies and relationships, and sharing of opinion.

Why do bloggers quit?

This answer to this questions isn’t simple. Some people pick niches that are too technical, something they’re not passionate about, so they end up being out of ideas and then quitting.

Some get burned out and unintentionally take an infinite break. Other people may quit because they have real-life time-consuming responsibilities to focus on instead like raising children among other things.

Is blogging a great idea?

If you’re not into creating video or recorded content for other platforms but feel comfortable sharing written content then yes, blogging is a great idea.

I like blogging because bloggers go out to give people quality advice and content. Just by reading blogs, you begin to see that many bloggers take their time to research and put together their work in a way that readers can easily consume and use.

There is not rushing in the blogging world, you read at a pace that best suits you and I like that. If you’ve started a blog, congratulations! I hope you stick around. Here are 3 favourite tips for new bloggers:

Focus on your own

Do not become obsessed with another blogger’s anything. You can do your research, look for inspiration and read other bloggers’ posts, but be careful not to obsess over them as this may eventually lead to comparisons and then imposter syndrome. None of this is good for a creative.

Take it seriously from start

Many blogs start out as hobbies, my first blog did. From experience, this may hinder your ability to make money from blogging at earlier stages. If your goal is to have financial gains as early as possible, you might want to treat your blog as a business and seriously.

Strike a balance

The world has changed! Cellphones, laptops and televisions all have become very popular. Social media has taken over and it’s easy to forget that you have a life outside social media. Take care of the things that matter in your real life too and strive for a balance that keeps both healthy.

That is all from me today! If you’re new to blogging, did these tips help? If you’ve been around for a long time share your favourite blogging tips for new bloggers in the comments. See you next week!

15 thoughts on “My Top 3 Favourite Tips For New Bloggers

  1. Great tips. Blogging can get really all-consuming sometimes, especially at the start I think. So finding a balance is really important!

  2. I really like this as it gives a nice fresh look at blogging for beginners. I remember what it was like and how I had so much to learn (and still learning even after many years); it could feel overwhleming at times. This is very useful for anyone starting out in this digital space—thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tips. I started my blog as a hobby then realized I had so much to learn. I’m still learning in my first year and I’m focusing on what I’m passionate about.

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