Web Design

I design strategic, professional and jaw-dropping websites for businesses/brands looking to expand beyond social media platforms.

By working closely with clients, I can determine their pain points and establish what flow, CTAs, add-ons and feel they’ll need on their website.

Do small businesses need websites?

I work with all kinds of businesses but this is the question I get the most. Here’s my honest answer:

Almost 1 million searches are processed by google every second. Those who know this fact put on their websites online for people to find, and whether you’re a small business or not, people who don’t know your social media accounts don’t know that the size of your business.

The people who go online to search for certain products/service often decide on whether or not to buy by going through websites they find – you just need to put yourself out there too and make it feel trustworthy to them.

By having a website, you make yourself available to a bigger audience, no matter how small of a business you are.

Social media will make you spend years trying to build a great following in hopes that your followers buy from you; but when you own a website, anything can happen as you don’t rely only on social media for sales.

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